• 23 September, 2015

New service: 3D mapping, creation of 3D terrain maps

New service: 3D mapping, creation of 3D terrain maps

The 3D mapping in the visual spectrum (or 3D mapping) is a technique that allows us to draw a model in three dimensions of a large surface. Drones Mallorca is one of the pioneers in this field in Mallorca and Spain.
This new service will allow us to expand our operations to fields as diverse as construction, civil engineering, forestry monitoring or extensive farming.


The information derived from this technique can be used in variety of software:

  • 3D modeling, animation and rendering
  • Work software type CAD
  • Software 3D online type Sketchfab
  • Mapping programs for Google Maps, etc.

This opens up a range of possibilities in the fields of application. Some of its applications are:

  • Calculation of volumes for stock of blanks for on-site control
  • Estimation of volumes of excavation
  • Mapping of vertical elements
  • Extensive irrigation systems design

and a long etcetera. In addition, conventional aerial photography remains a great solution for implementation of work and control of the construction process.

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