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Drones Mallorca

Drones Mallorca sponsors the Ibiza Slow Video Festival

On September 28th, the Ibiza Slow Video Festival took place at the Baluart de Sant Pere de la Muralla in Ibiza city. We were there to perform the awards ceremony as the first first prize was an advanced RPAS online pilot course courtesy of the House. The Ibiza Slow Video Festival is organized by the…

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April RPAS Classroom Course

In April we will make a new edition of the course RPAS advanced, which enables for piloting drones both within (VLOS) and beyond the visual range of the pilot (BVLOS). We will start on April 3 from 16:00 to 20:00 at the airport of Son Bonet. The following theoretical content will be covered: Regulation and…

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jornada vuelo urbano

How can I fly over agglomerations of buildings?

Conference "the use of drones at the municipal level" This morning we had the pleasure of attending the informative day "the use of drones at the municipal level", organized by the Spanish Association of Airlines (AECA) and Gesdron. The meeting has dealt with the different aspects of the integration of aerial operations with drones in…

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Radio interview on IB3

Last Friday we went to the IB3 programme “to the day” radio to talk about topics related to drones. We tried to make very different issues; uses of drones. We deal with different applications that exist or are in development that use the RPAs as means. courses for obtaining the license of RPAs. We explain…

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1st Annual barbecue Drones Mallorca

Because not everything has to be work, last week we celebrated obtaining the pilot's license of drone advanced by members of the Presential course taught at the University de les Illes Balears. After a morning of instruction practice of courses online, and once saved the drones, instructors could enjoy a good beer and a tremendous…

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Course University for the license of pilot RPAS

There are few days for the start of the course to the RPAS that Drones pilot license mallorca will be offered at the campus of the Universitat de les Illes Balears. This is a unique opportunity to obtain a double degree: license of pilot RPAS advanced, that you will allow fly drones of up to…

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Video show reel of drones mallorca

We present you the new video show reel of drones Mallorca made with some of our most spectacular tomas to date. Scenes of filming of houses of great luxury, hotels of 4 and 5 star, exclusive yachts, landscapes exceptional, works of construction and engineering, fields of golf and events sports is combine accompanied of a…

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8 uses of drones in construction

As the RPAS technology progresses, new uses of drones in construction appear. The possibilities are amazing and are on the rise. Aside from the traditional photography and video, technical applications such as photogrammetry, infrared images, sensors laser, etc. They provide very valuable information. The development of high-precision technology RTK GPS enable that drones are already…

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Training of Marcus Cooper aerial filming

This tomorrow we could know to Marcus Cooper Walz, champion Olympic in river of Janeiro 2016 in the 1000 m in kayak. Marcus began to the 12 years in this sport and to the 15 already was in the selection national. His hard training and his iron discipline have led him to win Olympic gold…

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New law of drones in exhibition public in the web of promotion

A few days ago the website of the Ministry of public works has published the new law of drones, the project of Royal Decree which regulates civilian use of the aircraft flown by remote control. The consultation closes on 22 November, so we have to get down to work and parse the document that will…

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