8 uses of drones in construction

As the RPAS technology progresses, new uses of drones in construction appear. The possibilities are amazing and are on the rise. Aside from the traditional photography and video, technical applications such as photogrammetry, infrared images, sensors laser, etc. They provide very valuable information. The development of high-precision technology RTK GPS enable that drones are already…

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Dinner of end of work constructions NOVO

Last Friday we attended the dinner at the end of the work done at the Club Pollentia Resort project. Drones Mallorca and Messer Studio have done for the past 4 months video track of the work which includes aerial imagery and video timelapse sequences.  We take the opportunity to teach an early version of our…

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Air monitoring of work in the Bay of Pollença

For the monitoring of the work entrusted to us at Club Pollentia we acquired control software of the drone that allows us to fully automate the flight. With this we get that each of more than 20 sessions of taking aerial photography and video are exactly the same, whereupon we can superimpose them once finished…

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camara timelapse en seguimiento de obra

Follow-up of work at Club Pollentia

Today we have received the new camera for professional timelapse and you are already installing it on Club Pollentia for monitoring work we do on behalf of the construction company NOVO. We had used a gopro camera to work temporarily until we reached this appliance. Combined with the aerial images of the evolution of the…

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