• 30 October, 2018

Drones Mallorca sponsors the Ibiza Slow Video Festival

Drones Mallorca sponsors the Ibiza Slow Video Festival

On September 28th, the Ibiza Slow Video Festival took place at the Baluart de Sant Pere de la Muralla in Ibiza city. We were there to perform the awards ceremony as the first first prize was an advanced RPAS online pilot course courtesy of the House.

The Ibiza Slow Video Festival is organized by the people of Ibiza VIU, a company dedicated to audiovisual creation and has a mobile app that allows its collaborators to upload videos related to the island of Ibiza. Many of these videos have captured shots with drones, for their spectacularity and value as a graphical resource.

Winner Ibiza Slow Video Festival

The festival consisted of the presentation of the videos contestants, with various performances interspersed and a catering for the guests. An artist painted a live painting during the duration of the event and an actress traveled the space performing a mute performance.

The 3 finalists were decided by the likes that the users of the application gave to each video. The jury, composed by the councillor of Tourism of Ibiza, the organizer of the festival and our pilot instructor Joan Morro, decided the winning video. The creator of this video received as a gift a statuette and an advanced course of pilot RPAs totally free, courtesy of drones Mallorca.

The video below shows the best moments of the event:

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