• 16 November, 2016

Training of Marcus Cooper aerial filming

Training of Marcus Cooper aerial filming

This tomorrow we could know to Marcus Cooper Walz, champion Olympic in river of Janeiro 2016 in the 1000 m in kayak. Marcus began to the 12 years in this sport and to the 15 already was in the selection national. His hard training and his iron discipline have led him to win Olympic gold with an unexpected strategy; intensity at the exit, a medium ride with a drop of intensity where it became the fifth place to make a powerful sprint in the last 250m and be first in its category. Insurance that left stunned more than one opponent!

Marcus Cooper opposite to a camera

Marcus Cooper being interviewed

Cope Mallorca has interviewed the young champion before her morning training on the occasion of his charity gala session where Marcus will be the protagonist. Drones Mallorca has had the honor of being them first in film tomas air of Marcus Cooper in his kayak according to us has confessed. Surely this first making contact with the RPAS will have been to his liking. We will post the video on another entry after the gala of Cope. Stay tuned!

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