• 3 February, 2017

Course University for the license of pilot RPAS

Course University for the license of pilot RPAS

Course University for the license of pilot RPAS 150 150 Drones Mallorca

There are few days for the start of the course to the RPAS that Drones pilot license mallorca will be offered at the campus of the Universitat de les Illes Balears. This is a unique opportunity to obtain a double degree:

  • license of pilot RPAS advanced, that you will allow fly drones of up to 25 kg both in scope visual (VLOS) as outside the scope visual (BVLOS) with ratings in DJI F450 and Phantom
  • University certificate

This course is focused to any person of more than 18 years of age that wants to undertake a business related with drones or have it degree as experience complementary in its field for exercise them privileges for a company. Not is requirement be enrolled in the UIB for access to this course, although can be a title attractive for crowd of students of different racing since the applications are tremendously extensive and augmentan each day as is develop new technologies in fields as it agriculture, the topography, GIS, inspection, surveillance, photography, etc. Today it is possible to carry out filming aerial perspectives never seen before fumigate fields of automated and efficient, studies of vegetation indices with multispectral cameras at reduced costs, inspect solar panels with cameras infrared des air, make surveys of the land and buildings in 3D, set random routes of surveillance with drones and much more.

On 16 February we will begin the course which will last for 3 weeks. The theory hours will be from 17:30 to 21:30 from Monday to Friday, 60 hours of contact where we will cover the matter following the book pilot dron (RPAS), provided within the price of the course. The subjects are:


  • Communications
  • Principles of flight
  • General knowledge of the aircraft
  • Performances and flight planning
  • Air law
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Operational procedures
  • Human factors

During the 60 hours will also cover practical aspects in the following areas:

  • General and common aspects on drones
  • Training on the capabilities and limitations of the drone
  • Normal procedures
  • Emergency procedures
  • Aerobatic maneuvers
  • Weight and centering of equipment
  • Assembly and adjustment
Student and instructor of the course of RPAS pilot

Student and instructor at the airfield

RPAS pilot license practices consist of 12 hours of mechanics and flight and will take place at our flying field with the DJI F450 and Phantom 3 Advanced models. DJI F450 is a multirrotor of 4 engines without payload equipped with double specific command for instruction. Has a great maneuverability and their time of flight reached them 13 minutes. The DJI Phantom 3 Advanced is one of the drones more used by the great public specific to photography and filming air. It has a camera of 12Mpx with exceptional stabilization, many automated flight modes and autonomies that are around 20 minutes. Manoeuvres to overcome the skill test are as follows:

  • A takeoff vertical followed of a flight of 10 seconds in stationary to the height of the eyes of the pilot
  • A translation in quick and level S shaped forward flight with reversals
  • A translation in slow and level S shaped forward flight with reversals
  • A slow travel flight level backward
  • A sideshift flight at 10 m on both sides
  • A turn of 360 ° right down to 5 m height
  • A turn of 360 ° to the left down to 5 m of height
  • A rectangular forward circuit with vertical landing in front of the pilot
  • A S on the sides with 4 turns at 10 m height


The course fee is € 1470 that it include everything and you can register by clicking the button

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