• 25 June, 2016

Visit the Robotics Research Group mobile uib

Visit the Robotics Research Group mobile uib

Last Friday Drones Majorca visited the University Robotics Research Group de les Illes Balears. This collective academic is immersed in several robotics research projects related to surveillance and 3D reconstruction of structures with unmanned aerial vehicles, both aerial (UAV) and submarines. We were in his room for experimentation where we were able to see how they work in the inspection of internal structures in ships of large tonnage, allowing you to save huge costs in mounting of scaffoldings to perform visual inspections.

The drone that used to perform this work, developed by themselves, is equipped with laser navigation sensors and multiple cameras.

team drones

Director of the research project with drones, Alberto Ortiz, and his student Francisco Bonnín PhD

Drones Mallorca we love technology and we are always interested to learn and apply the latest techniques to the RPAS to offer unique services. Our pilot Joan Morro enjoy a lot of experience and will keep in contact with the team on future occasions.

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