Calculation of volumes and point acquisition by aerial means
build 3D models of the terrain


You can use Photogrammetry from aerial imagery captured with drones to carry out both 2D maps and 3D models of the terrain or even vertical elements such as buildings. The data from these models is geo-referenced by GPS coordinates. This is achieved using a mesh of photographs of the ground, which can vary in number between a few dozens to thousands depending on the extent of the area to model.
With mosaics in 2 dimensions, you can build:
• Detailed maps of the terrain
• Contour line maps
• MDT maps

3D models reproduce precisely the terrain, offering a solution useful both for technical analysis and for graphic promotion, wich can be exported to many formats. Examples of supported softwares are:
• 3D modeling, animation and rendering
• CAD type vector software
• 3D online software like Sketchfab
• Mapping programs like Google Maps, etc.

This opens up a range of possibilities in the fields of application.

Application in surveying and construction
The price of materials and workmanship make control of costs in the phases prior to the project of vital importance. Photogrammetry with drones is a means of promotion for the company, with the possibility of preparation of video timelapse of the construction process, 3D models of existing buildings or spectacular aerial videofootage, but it is also a source of valuable technical information that allows:
• Development of high resolution maps for implementation
• Preparation of contour maps
• Clouds of millions of georeferenced points, ready to be exported to Autocad and Revit
• Calculation of volumes for on-site stock control
• Estimation of volumes of excavation
• Mapping of vertical elements

The aerial means also allow accurate point acquisition, to the precision of few centimeters, in areas of difficult access, impossible to get with conventional topographical methods.

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