Monitoring of natural resources and historical heritage


The historical and natural heritage demands regular conservation and monitoring. It is possible to detect and monitor threats in protected areas, such as deforestation, deterioration of historic monuments or the emergence of illegal constructions.

We have a rich natural heritage, protected by various figures in the Balearic Islands.

  • Natural areas of special interest (ANEI)
  • Rural areas of landscape interest (ARIP)
  • Special areas of conservation (ZEC)
  • Sites of Community interest (SCI)
  • And the Serra de Tramuntana is declared world heritage by the UNESCO

Regular flights with drones in the areas where the law allows it, can be used to diagnose early threats to these areas and preserve a heritage source of wealth and identity for our islands.

Even the ecological health of the masses of water can be assessed from the monitoring of vegetation using infrared imaging techniques such as the NDVI. The accuracy of the images even allows to differentiate plant species and save scientists the task of manual identification , reducing costs to a fourth.

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