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Time lapse video allows to compress processes that can take months in a few minutes. It can have a special interest for companies in the construction sector, since it allows to show your long lasting work in a brief promotional video. Combined with aerial images, it can offer a spectacular result.

Long-term time lapse requires cameras with special equipment; automated trigers, weather proof cases, solving the power problem, for example with solar panels, data transmission via GPRS, etc. In Drones Mallorca we have this type of cameras available for the projects of our clients.

Other shorter processes such as the development of a race or other sporting events, also provide an opportunity to merge timelapse and aerial images with amazing results.

In the same way, it is possible to locate the drone on specific GPS coordinates and capture the same image repeatedly. In practice, it is a much more laborious process for events that last more than one day, since it represents a flight per frame. A similar and very attractive effect, tough, can be achieved by repeating the same video flight along a set path and fusing the footage, achieving an effect of temporal evolution.

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